How it Works


Closing the Wealth Gap starts with rebuilding Black Wealth

WiPROSPER builds business in and for the Black community. When these businesses succeed, the Community benefits, The business itself benefits and the investors benefit. ​

This way every stakeholder is positively impacted upon the success of the venture. Imagine seeing business after business around town and knowing that their success means checks in the mail for you. ​


Black business ventures designed to build bank accounts and communities

WiPROSPER builds ventures from the ground up for the good of our stakeholders. We take ideas and plant them in our ecosystem of resources skilled at solving for success in ventures to build each of our efforts into financially successful assets. When these ventures succeed, so does every investor who is with us, without any additional effort from you. The best part is that our success is dependant on creating successful Black owned companies while you live your life. Nowhere else offers you the ability to invest in the development of Black Owned companies this way. ​


Now You Can Easily be an OWNER of developing ventures

Within minutes, you can create an account, and begin investing in the growth of Black community wealth in a way that wasn’t possible before. ​ WiPROSPER will be building real estate developments, transportation companies, foster care facilities and other assets. ​
We handle the details so you don’t have to. Now you can build wealth utilizing the same opportunities once only available to those worth $1 million or more. ​