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Our Mission is to enable you to
Invest in the creation of Black-owned companies with as little as $100!

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Created to grow Generational Wealth for YOU
as we build Black Owned business successes .

Coming Together as a Community is our Superpower!

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One of us is never as strong as

Black-owned companies are 7 times more likely to be rejected than white-owned companies on applications for loans.

Black Women are 3 times more likely to start a business when compared to White males, but receive less than 1% of venture capital investments.

Systemic racism has cost America $16 Trillion dollars over the last 20 years and  $2 Trillion every year in lower commercial activity.

Millions are excluded from the Promise of America 

How WiPROSPER works

50+ Yrs of Venture Leadership Experience
4 Engineers
2 MBA’s
1 Vision


Grown with the insight that actions speak louder than words, we developed answers for 3 of the major challenges the Black community typically faces in business establishment:

• Lack of Capital
• Lack of Knowledge
• Lack of Time

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The most popular question is:

How does WiPROSPER work?

A: WiPROSPER is a platform that concentrates a multitude of small investment amounts from unaccredited investors into a substantial investment in ventures curated by WiPROSPER. The launch life cycle benefits from WiPROSPER’s unique ecosystem to improve outcomes. When those ventures are able, they pay dividends and profit sharing to the investors that funded their launch. So when our ventures win, we all win TOGETHER!

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One of us is never as strong as ALL of us, TOGETHER!

WiPROSPER utilizes the high performance support environment big companies use to achieve successful outcomes. As a result, our ventures enjoy a unique ability to focus on creating value instead of expending resources overcoming obstacles.

We call our model a Venture Cooperative because we fund and we add the skill and effort needed together to realize better value through better outcomes.

By centralizing best practices and efforts we provide a better environment to grow ventures; and a better environment means better outcomes for all involved.