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Welcome to the first and only platform  crowdfunding the Black Owned Business economy, where you become part owners in every effort on our site!


The creation of wealth for investors and the Black community through early stage financial asset ownership.

Boost your investment knowledge.

We'll send you financial tips, business stories, and other resources.

How crowdfunding usually works

One company raises capital by putting your small investment together with others.

While this is a massive opportunity to generate long term wealth, your investment is dependent on the success and financial performance of that one company.

how wiprosper works

You gain ownership in every venture - We handle everything else.

Rather than limit you to a single initiative, we make it easy for your shares to be invested in every initiative on our platform. As these early stage ventures grow, so does the value of your investment.

We leverage over 100 years of small business and Fortune 50 corporate experience in finance, operations, and marketing.

WiPROSPER is built as a conglomerate of multiple business initiatives, making it possible for you to gain financially from everything that we do. No more betting large sum investments in just one effort.

"...This team "GETS IT" and anyone who values their dollar or desires to invest into something great, this is the road to take." - Maurice Bryant
"... The WiPROSPER team has taken the time, conducted the research, and worked to build a model conducive for all people but innovative enough to make meaningful change." - Dr. J.C. Baker
" ...The business model is and the mission of WiPROSPER is on point with what is needed in today's innovative business environment." - Kemal Catalan