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Invest with as little as $100 in the creation of Black-owned companies.

With the lack of support for Black-owned businesses, WiPROSPER decided to become the support the community needs. Our business model's sole mission is the creation of wealth for the community through the establishment of successful Black businesses.

Building US together

One of us is never as strong as...

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Join us and let’s build success; for ourselves and the generations to come that depend on us!

Together We Dream, Together We Build, and Together; WiPROSPER!

The Facts

Only 1% of Black-owned companies obtain loans in their founding year, compared to 7% of White business owners.

70% of the wealth the 1% now posses came from some form of venture ownership.


One of us is never as strong as ALL of us, TOGETHER!

WiPROSPER utilizes the high performance support environment big companies use to achieve successful outcomes. As a result, our ventures enjoy a unique ability to focus on creating value instead of expending resources overcoming obstacles.

We call our model a Venture Cooperative because we fund and we add the skill and effort needed together to realize better value through better outcomes.

By centralizing best practices and efforts we provide a better environment to grow ventures; and a better environment means better outcomes for all involved.