How it Works

there is a PATHWAY to black wealth

The reality for many Black households is that wealth is non-existent, a condition that has persisted since emancipation. WiPROSPER was built to be a new and viable economic solution which upgrades the power of crowdfunding, and crowd-investing to what we call collective investing. WiPROSPER empowers the everyday investor to access the tool that created 70% of the one percent's wealth in America; early stage asset ownership. WiPROSPER will enable everyday investors to connect to an idea's early stage growth, and in doing so create the possibility of a greater wealth building effect.

What makes WiPROSPER really special is that your ownership in WiPROSPER makes you a stakeholder of of every idea we launch. This means you no longer have to pick one idea at a time in the hopes that the one you picked will become successful: YOU are a part owner of every idea we mature!

building longevity

One brick at a time.

Each initiative is supported with experienced staff and robust resources. When initiatives profits allow, distributions and profit sharing are shared with the stakeholders so that every year, profits are shared with you
– the Owners.

built to grow your net worth

While we do the operating.

No upskilling in 27 different skillsets or anything like that.  WiPROSPER does what is best for each idea, including the hard parts such as finance, operations, and marketing. You enjoy the outcomes of your WiPROSPER ownership.

Important Answers



$1,000,000 in 14 days is our campaign's goal!

Success menas - No repeated requests for support AND we can get to the work returning the favor to you as quickly as possible!


Join Will Carter at 6:00 PM Eastern everyday in July (Until the goal is met) where you can ask questions along with other supporters who are coming to discuss the important aspects of this game changing campaign.


Want to know all things WiPROSPER? See our links list which includes The WiPROSPER Foundation's 501c3 Status Link, and WiPROSPER Venture's SEC Application.


To Understand this campaign and why it is so important that it succeeds, first understand the math behind successfully launching systemic Black socio-economic progress.