Our founders come from startups.

Our Story

Like many entrepreneurs, our founders Will and Monte’ decided to build the solution they were looking for. As a startup founder, Will was searching for funding to scale his company. Hearing “You have a great brand, but we won’t invest” enough times, he turned to friends, family, and colleagues, a model that proved to be successful.

Monte’ proposed the idea of a platform where small investments could be pooled together and together they then proved that Black-owned companies to can thrive with the proper financial backing. What soon became clear was that there was untapped potential – other business ventures waiting to be started, operated, and profitable.

Our Mission

WiPROSPER builds the black-owned business economy in our mission to create and grow generational wealth in the Black community. Your ownership creates successes with impact. Our Mission requires the right leaders. WiPROSPER is an equity crowd investing platform that puts your investment together with funds from other investors. We then launch and grow ideas to the point that they can pay you dividends and profit sharing while they continue to grow over time.

Our Executive Board

Will Carter

Cofounder / Executive


START where you are with what you have; make something of it, and NEVER be satisfied.
- George Washington Carver


Architect of WiPROSPER’s unique model & prime mover of the business since conception in 2009. 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience at every scale. As a mechanical engineering manager, led 7 technology initiatives at a Fortune 50 company. Is a husband and father of 4. 

King T'Challa (Super Hero) 67%
Sir Lewis Hamilton - F1 Racing 79%
Driving Ambition (Book) 62%
Visionary (Super Power) 51%
Lonnie Johnson (Inspiration) 68%


Cofounder / Chairman


WE are better than what has been, now let’s make some history!


Born with an eye for detail, Monte’ sees opportunity all around us.  Engineering is a perfect fit as he is always seeking to understand “how it works”.  He is an internal optimist who believes every obstacle has multiple solutions.  Monte’ uses his 22 years of expertise in business and product development to support business success. Monte’ is married, loves coaching little league football and teaches entrepreneurial concepts to his son and daughter.

Iron Man (Super Hero) 69%
95' Dallas Cowboys - Emmitt Smith 87%
Barack Obama - (Inspiration) 56%
Insight (Super Power) 82%
Think and Grow Rich (Book) 93%


Monte' Davis

Retina Carter



Being early = on time
Being on time = late,
& being late.. Miss Me!


Project management is my business and business is good.  As the Integrator, I guide the team to stay focused on delivering results to our investors.  Far from autocratic, my four children keep me balanced and ever mindful to strive to always leave an imprint that makes a positive impact on the lives around me.

STORM (Super hero) 61%
96'-98' Bulls - Phil Jackson 51%
Unprecedented Times (book) 78%
Integrator (Super Power) 96%
Dad (Inspiration) 69%




If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Wealth creation for the disenfranchised is my passion.  I have 20+ years of financial experience focused on creating value in a myriad of ventures.  I’m excited about creating wealth for people traditionally locked out of these opportunities and I believe in making money doing what’s right for customers and the community.  

The Incredible “Financial” Hulk 69%
Muhammad Ali 50%
Father (Inspiration) 98%
Analytics to Action (Super Power) 58%
The Richest Man in Babylon, George S. Clason (Book) 86%


Ric Williams

Recipient of Grants and Awards from: