Frequently Asked Questions


WIPROSPER is a black owned and run company whose sole mission is the creation of wealth for our investors and our community by the establishment and scaling of Black business.

WIPROSPER is seeking members with aspirations to improve their financial positions to point it will change their life. People who believe that it is important to invest to build wealth IN, THROUGH, and FOR their community.

Getting Started​

As a WiPROSPER Subscriber, you make money the same way you would as the owner of any other dividend yielding stock with the bonus of doing so as an early stage ownership and outcomes. Your money is put to work as provision of support for seed establishment of our initiatives. When our efforts yield profit sharing and/or dividends, you are paid according to your relative ownership.  The more you own, the more of that dividend you receive. Your money is put to work in all initiatives WiPROSPER supports. This ensures you don’t miss out on big wins and that you don’t have to spend your time and energy figuring out what efforts will produce wins. WiPROSPER does all that for you. We are the simple, affordable, and responsible option for rebuilding Black Wealth!

The top 1% (3,300,000) of Americans possess 2X the wealth that the bottom 90% (281,000,000) have.  70% of that wealth can be attributed to venture assets previously unavailable to the general public. The WIPROSPER platform connect you to the rewards of this asset class so we all can grow our wealth the same way the 1% did. No other platform provides such an accessible and easy path to the outcomes of this market.

Members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute more on a monthly basis. By increasing your contribution, you increase your benefit percentage. Note: Member’s contributions should be based on an amount members can afford.

WIPROSPER members are from all over the country. We communicate daily in various ways. We have a private Team Space where more detailed information is shared between members. We send out periodic messages via e-mail to keep members updated. We also hold multiple conference calls for a variety of reasons. Members may participate at their discretion. ​

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